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Quantum Audio Designs

We welcome Quantum Audio Designs to our great lineup of Pedal Steel Guitar Products. Quantum Audio manufactures the finest audio cable available and is manufactured right here in the USA (Made in America). Their cables are designed for Musicians who demand the most "musically accurate" audio cables. Part of their product line is the HSQI Oxygen Free cable which will give us that "Tonal Superiority" that we as Steel Players are always looking for. Look no further, our "Steeler's Pak" cables will provide you with those results. I personally use these cables and in my opinion they are the best of the best.

Quantum Audio incorporates materials which includes the highest grade of  Oxygen Free Copper conductors and low capacitance insulation materials for the utmost in audio clarity. Finely stranded conductors for improved frequency response and a soft outer layer jacketing material for further increased cable flexibility. Utilizing only the highest quality connectors all internal connectors are solder terminated to provide the lowest resistance levels possible. Once you have seen and heard the difference in performance you will never go back.

The "Steelers Pac" comes in Black and consists of one 3' section with a Right Angle plug on one end and a Straight plug on the other end, a 10' section with two Straight plugs. All plugs are Shrink wrapped for added protection. There is a Limited Lifetime Repair Coverage on all the cables.

List Price for the "Steelers Pac" is $ 49.00, Your Cost is $ 34.95 plus shipping and handling.